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  1. Draw any picture, have it "snap" into a Matisse shape. Amazing.
  2. Apparently this is a really nice Rubik's cube! Comes recommended.
  3. Cute publicity stunt that tries to show pirates what it feels like. I have pretty mixed feelings about the whole thing but I think it is a nice little hack.
  4. Weird looking toy.
  5. Cute little article.
  6. updated: 2012-05-26, original: 2012-05-26 to , , , , , , , , , - Archived Link
  7. Don't let anybody very tell you that you have to choose between being the worlds most sketchy entrepreneur and the world's best violent video game player.
  8. I've never played minecraft, but I've seen others play it enough that I think this is cool.
  9. Via marcell. Gemma Schusterman did basically this same project 4-5 years ago. She made a very similar elephant vibration sensor:
  10. Cute.
  12. The Apple AppStore is the dystopian future we were trying to avoid.
    2009-08-10 to , , - Archived Link

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