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  2. "Rüdiger Kuhlmann, the maintainer of mICQ, had a disagreement with Martin Loschwitz, the maintainer of the Debian mICQ package... Mr. Kuhlmann decided that enough was enough, and he was going to take some action. As of mICQ, the code will, when built for the Debian distribution, print out a message which says some unflattering things about Mr. Loschwitz and encourages use of a different version; the program then exits. In other words, when built for Debian, mICQ thumbs its nose at the user and refuses to run. To help ensure that this code got into the official Debian version, it was written in an obfuscated manner, set to trigger only after February 11, and only if it was not being run by Mr. Loschwitz. For the curious, here is a posting containing the code in question.
  3. Yow. I'd heard people complaining about the wait times for FLOSS projects for IRS approval for some time. Where the outrage people?
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  5. My new department is just awesome!
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  6. Good News!
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  8. Insane.
  9. I think about this writeup by Kragen all the time.
  10. This is the story that broke the news. Ugh. :-(
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  11. "Acquia fastest growing software company in US."
  12. Awesome.
  13. Nice summary of the bruhaha over the republic memo calling for copyright reform. That will teach them.
  14. Awesome. Not open access but, at least in the medium term, a positive way to address issues of access to the academic resources necessary to write a great encyclopedia.
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  16. Talk about perverse incentives.
  17. The modern pentathlong is not particular modern and does not have five events.

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