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  1. "In his remarkable ruling, U.S. Circuit Judge Richard Posner stated that there was no point in holding a trial because it was apparent that neither side could show they had been harmed by the other’s patent infringement. He said he was inclined to dismiss the case with prejudice — meaning the parties can’t come back to fight over the same patents — and that he would enter a more formal opinion confirming this next week."
  2. Looks like a successor to Blosxom and PyBlosxom and maybe also IkiWiki.
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  3. 29-11-2011 to , , , , ,
  4. Rather thuggish, but still good advice.
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  6. NLP toolkit by the same team that built the Java Wikipedia database indexer/API. Looks pretty good.
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  7. A bunch of R code to fit your power law distributions.
  8. Another cool looking tool from The King.
  9. Some day, I'm going to want a script that does this. When that day comes, I hope I remember I bookemarked it here.
  10. Should have read this one last year. Better late than never.
  11. I can't believe I haven't been using this package.
  12. "So, while nobody in their right mind would've paid money for Dr. Sbaitso as an actual video game, I credit it with saving my life."
  13. IV response to TAL piece critical of IV. Summary: "Haters gonna hate."
  14. Nice little gloss on the TAL take on software patenting.
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  15. This is absolutely worth the hour. Intellectual Ventures really is that bad.
  16. Via Ari
  17. There should be a better way of finding your R package than searching though a page of short descriptions of all 2800 package.s But there isn't.
  18. It's exactly what it sounds like. Good? Slightly horrifying?
  19. Stet is a cool piece of software that was used in the GPLv3 process. I think there are better tools now, but it's nice that the code is now easily available online.
  20. Antifeatures as a way of saving the environment.
  21. Some nice GNU/Linux-based ways to secure erase SSD and other disks.
  22. Yikes. I guess I'll think twice before I buy a bunch of software. ;)
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  23. A dozens tools to do the job poorly.
  24. Non-Android interface to the Android market? Sorta? I really just want to limit to applications that are free software!
  25. If you're going to be a software counterfeiter, then please copy and illegally use Microsoft products. The above plea isn't from a posting on a hacker forum. Rather, it's how Microsoft business group president Jeff Raikes feels about software counterfeiters. "If they're going to pirate somebody, we want it to be us rather than somebody else," Raikes said.
  26. Community forks MySQL, cleans stuff up.

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